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    If no predator, disease or human interference happens to it along the way, how long can a chicken be expected to live? We had an old Brahma Hen die just a few days ago. I am not sure how old she was because we got her as an adult hen. She lay eggs for a little while and then stopped and started to grow really fat. It got to where she couldn’t climb up the rail to the hen house. So at night, I would go out and pick her up and set her inside on the straw. Then one morning she didn’t come out, so I looked inside the hen house, and sure enough she had just rolled over and lights out. The kids and I had named her “Penguin” because her tail end had dropped down towards the ground, which made her stand just like a Penguin. She even walked like one. Sadly, I am going to miss that old bird…
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    How long was she walking like a penguin? From other posts I have read in the past when a hen is walking like a penguin was a sign of being egg bound.
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    I agree that it doesn't sound like she died of old age, more likely eggbound. Did she live as part of a flock or all by herself.

    I know someone that has 10 year old brahmas. They can live longer than that.

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