Hen not eating and Lethergic. Need some help..


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Sep 4, 2013
I have a 6mo old Barred Rock hen that's not really eating or being active. She was standing around just napping where she stood and not doing much of anything. I offered her some oatmeal, which usually her and all our chickens love, but she didn't want any. After watching her some and not seeing her really eat at all I thought it would be best to separate her. While she was separated I noticed her stool is like water.. She has had problems with her stool in the past, but after getting her some probiotics the issue seemed to clear up.

Does anyone know what this could be? All my other hens are fine and active. This poor girl is sort of the low chicken on the pecking order, but my chickens are free range so she has always has a chance to get food and water when the other girls leave. For whatever reason she also doesn't have much of a comb yet and is kind of on the small side.

I'm really worried about her, and I would appreciate any kind of adice
I agree, I would check her crop. It should have emptied over night and if she's not eating much today there shouldn't be much to feel. If she's drinking it may feel squishy though. If it were my bird with those symptoms I'd probably start by treating with a course of Corid to rule out that nasty possiblity and then go from there. When the course of treatment is done give some vitamins and probiotic's and see how things are. There's just a lot of possibilities but you have to start somewhere.
I will check that now. But, I also just checked on her a minute ago and while looking at her she spit up water..
See if her crop feels like she's been drinking a lot. I had a hen pop up with a case of cocci couple years ago and all she wanted to do was drink. Drank so much that she did spit up some water. The damage from the cocci can cause dehydration. Not saying that's what is going on with your hen but it's a possibility.
Her crop is kind of squishy. What kind of vitamins should I give? This is my first experience with a sick chicken. I've only ever dealt with horses and goats. :(
It is most definitely full but squishy. It feels like a half filled water balloon. I'm going to go out and get her some corrid now
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Thank you!! That was very helpful, and I'm going to start her on some of those foods they recommended so I can make sure it clears up. I started treating her with meds and she is already eating the small bit of oatmeal mixed with probiotics I left with her. :)

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