Hen not wanting to be with other three hens in the coop at night


May 18, 2021
Before going to the outside coop, our young hens and roosters lived in the brooder in the basement. As we live in a city that doesn’t allow roosters, we had to get rid of the roosters. One of our hens, Goldie (variety of Easter Egger) was friends with one of the roosters that left. They both used to want to remain on top of the open door before we moved them down to close it at night! But since this rooster has gone, Goldie has been spending the nights back in the basement sleeping on the curve of the flue to the wood-burning stove. A nice cozy spot for her!

Now, the other three hens sleep outside in the coop. Goldie has always been at the bottom of the pecking order, and I've never seen her peck them. She’s maybe a few days younger than them. All of them are around 4 months old. But all the four hens are free-range during the day and seem okay together. The other three hens are: Sweetie, a black laced red Wyandotte, Cinnamon Girl and Mama who are New Hampshire Reds crossed with Leghorn. From what I can figure, her isolating herself at night from the others is three possibilities: her breed; her missing the rooster she was friends with; or she doesn't want to deal with the pecking order at night. What do you think it is? How do I deal with Goldie? Thanks! * Goldie is my profile picture.
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What confuses me is that she's okay when she's outside with them free-ranging in the day, but not at night.
So she grew up with the rest of them as a chick?

How big is the coop (or even better, do you have photos inside and out?) Roost time rumbles may be causing her to get kicked off the roost/out of the coop.
Yes, she grew up with the rest of them as a chick.
The coop where they sleep is 5 feet long x 5 feet width x 4 feet high. And two roosting bars across the coop, different heights. It also has three nesting boxes that are separate from the sleeping area.

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