Hen or rooster

Jun 7, 2017
Hi everyone I'm new to BYC and I'm asking for your help if you can tell me which one is a rooster or hen. Thank you in advance


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They are too young to be certain about anything. Wait until at least 8 weeks, solid colors may take even longer than that.

Male signs would be a reddened and growing comb before 3 months and any red feathers showing up in the wing bow.

Right now, people are comparing them against each other. That's a mistake unless you know that they are full siblings.
The larger comb and slower feathering is a typical sign of a cockerel. But no where near 100% of the time for sure. I agree with debid, you should wait till at least 8 weeks or longer to make sure. Even full sibling can mature at different rates.
Watch for later feather development on the second chick. I agree with Mountain Peeps, he/she looks suspicious.
It also depends on what breed of chick you have, my profile picture is of my Barred Rock cockerel, Patrick. At a very young age, he develop a larger comb than the pullets and it became more red as days passed, he also developed a small, red wattle.

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