Aug 7, 2016
One hen out of six, disappeared for 10 days, returned and the other would not let her in the coop? What can the problem be? They are Pullets six months old, just started laying eggs.
Yep, she's a 'stranger' now after being gone for 10 days.
Might have to crate her within the coop and run for a while so they can get used to her being around without hurting her.
It's like adding a new bird.
Read up on integration..... BYC advanced search>titles only>integration
This is good place to start reading:
This is a normal chicken reaction to a flock member that has been missing from the social order for a period. During that time, the social order adjusted itself to accommodate the missing chicken. Now that she's returned, the social order must again adjust.

The more chickens in a flock, the longer it could take because each member adjusts their rank against the ranks of all the rest.

Depending on the temperaments of each flock member, it can be relatively benign or outright violent. But given time, they will adjust and peace should again reign.
Thanks,foind out she was under a bush all this time sitting on 22 eggs! We called her the Rebel because she was always doing her own thing last to come etc. Should I let her stay under the bush or slowly bring het back into the flock?

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