Hen pecked 1st aid help please

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    I introduced my 7 week olds to my hens last nite and all seemed well. But i just went out and found one of my young birds in the corner bleeding. the back of her head is bloody and i see a few small wholes on the side of her head. I have her in a box with some water and food and she seems to be shaken up pretty bad. It does not look like she will die but i could use some 1st aid help. should I use vaseline or something like that on her wounds? I have had no problems introducing birds this being the 3 time I have done it. But it seems one of my buff orps is not so friendly. this young bird went outside and must have just ran into the corner and let herself get beat up. I will be putting out some stuff so the younger birds can hid a bit if they get in trouble. I have noticed it seems to take them about a week to figure out what they need to do and for the older birds to get used to them.
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    Keep her away from the others until she's healed. They will keep picking at her. After you wash the area you can put some antibiotic ointment on it to help it heal. Use the kind without pain reliever in it. There is also a product called Blu Kote that a lot of people use. It stains the skin to cover up the red that chickens are drawn to so they won't peck her.

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