Hen showing signs of illness Or something.


May 21, 2020
This is Dixie, she is a 9 month old red production. She has been laying for a month now. We lost her sister yesterday to what seemed like egg bound. I’m still new to chickens and I researched and it said Signs of egg bound And I went out to give her a Bath and She had passed. Fast forward to today. This morning everyone in coop looked good. Acting normal. Then when I returned from work this afternoon. Dixie was waddling and not acting herself. I immediately gave her a warm epsom salt bath and she’s perked up but her poop is weird. Shes pooped 3 times and every one is different. Help!!! Is she sick, is she egg bound?


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Are you using a red heat lamp in the coop? It is hard to see what the droppings look like. Can you take pictures in natural light? Do you have any pics of the sick pullet? Does she have any enlargement of her lower abdomen? How does her crop feel? How long since she laid an egg? Sorry for your loss.

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