Hen walks like she is drunk.

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    I have a hen, Faith, a Welsummer, (sp?) who started staggering around when she walks. She also squats low to the floor and walks that way also. She and another hen, McNugget, also a Welsummer, have been molting a lot lately. My other three Welsummers are fine except none of them have been laying many eggs lately. Two to four a week. My one Leghorn, Francine, lays an egg a day. Faith is at the vet now and as of 1/2 hour ago hasn't pooped all day. Anyone have any idea what could be wrong with her? Also why none of the Welsummers are laying. I feed them Layena, scratch, and they have been free ranging in the yard all summer and fall. Plenty of water and oyster shell too.
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    As far as the drunk walking, there are things that can cause this. One of them is a lack of something in the diet and if she is molting, she could be even more taxed. However hopefully the vet can find out something for you.

    When hens are molting they won't lay. Also the shortening of the day light will make hens stop laying. After they are done molting, you could add artificial light in the coop to give them 14 -16 hours a day of light and that should cause them to start laying again. Good luck!

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