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Aug 12, 2013


Belle chipped her beak on something yesterday. Will it grow back? And if so, how long will it take?
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It looks as if the tip was broken off just short of the quick. If that is the case, the beak will regrow. If the break has damaged the quick, it will most likely not regrow.
Hello! I am not an expert, but have had my share of experience with bird beak problems. This injury appears to be quite minor, and while she may experience some sensitivity when pecking for a day or two, the beak should grow back out with no problems. If her diet is good and she is healthy, you should not even notice the chip within a month.

The only thing to be careful of is if she is a bossy or top hen, the sharp edges of her beak will possibly cut other birds more easily if she were to peck them. This should not be a problem, but just keep an eye on your birds for a few days. She will smooth the rough edges out on her own during normal activities within a week, if it is not otherwise a problem.
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