Hen with cold feet and comb, empty crop, lethargic.

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Jun 29, 2012
I've got 8 hens, 4 brown and 4 white commercial layers. They are about a year and 3 months old. Never had any health issues until today. One of the white hens is walking with her tail down, and very lethargic. she doesn't eat much, or drink much, but I have seen her peck at both halfheartedly. Her comb is limp, and is turning dark on the end, and her feet and comb, normally quite warm to the touch, feel cool.

They are free range a few hours every other day, as we have quite a few hawks and foxes around, so I only let them range when I'm in the yard. Otherwise, they are in their spacious coop with a sizable penned in dirt area.

I've attached pictures of the bird in question. She does stand most of the time, and will pace slowly around a bit, but sometimes stands still for minutes at a time, while the rest run around exploring. I water them with a hanging 5G bucket with nipples in the bottom, and for now, I also put a big pan of water in there, in case she has trouble drinking from the nipples. I have seen her pecking and tilting her head up at the pan of water, so I think she's still drinking.

She will peck bits of food from my hand, but I'm not sure if she's swallowing anything on her own. Her crop is empty, and her feathers are starting to look a little raggedy.

Any ideas on what might be wrong with her, and if there's anything I can do to help her?


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