Hen won't open her eyes????


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
Yukon, Oklahoma
I have a young hen (about a year old) that was acting a little strange so I picked her up and noticed that one of her eyes looked swollen. I put her in isolation - nothing has changed. She seems perfectly fine except for her eyes. she will open one sometimes, but seems like the light hurts her eyes. I am giving her water and trying to feed her because it doesn't seem as if she is eating or drinking unless I make her. If I try to open her eyes, they look awful inside (all goopy, swollen on the inside?) Anybody have any ideas? I am stumped, and don't want her to die.
Is it both eyes or just the one? if just the one eye could she have been pecked? you could try gently washing with saline or just some warm salty water and applying some neosporin in and around the eye. Have you noticed any other symptoms? Try to get her to drink by dribbling some water on her beak, if you have any baby vits w/o iron might try to get her to take some about 3 drops 2xa day. Also maybe coax her with some extra special food like yogurt with grapes cut up in it or scrambled eggs, oatmeal. All the best and if you can tell us everything about her from what she eats to what her bedding is maybe we could help even more.
It seems that one eye is worse than the other, (i thought she might have been pecked too, not sure) pine shavings in her coop - but free ranges during the day. Layena pellets, oyster shell, fresh water. I am trying to get her to eat and actually made her some oatmeal today, adding some yogurt that I am going to try and feed her right now!! (Where r u in NC? I grew up near Hendersonville
Hmm, I replied, but guess it didn't work I moved around 30 years ago, but NC is and always will be my "Home". People here try to call me an Okie, but I correct them really fast. I live here, like living here, but am NOT an Okie LOL. I am a TarHeel!!!!!

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