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Oct 7, 2010
We've got 3 Golden Buffs and 3 Barred Rock (30 weeks old) that have been together since birth. The Barred Rock seem to be the dominate ones, pecking at the Buff's when water melon..corn cobs etc are thrown in the coop but nothing real aggressiveness happens.
Now last night we bring home 1 Ameraucana pullet and the Buff's are fighting with her, where the Barred Rock don't seem to mind her at all. The Ameraucana is just so docile and takes a beating from the Buff's.
Should we just keep them separate or together and let pecking order be established?
It's a real good idea to quarentine a new bird to make sure it doesn't have any illnesses, just something to think about next time you add to your flock.

New introductions are always a bit difficult, especially if you add just one bird, and they have no one to buddy up with. I try to keep them separated in a cage where the established hens can see them, but not touch them for a while. Then after about a week, I will let them free range with the flock. This makes the new hen's transition easier.

Or, you can just keep an eye on her, and just let them hash it out. It will look pretty violent for a while, but will calm down as each day progresses. Just make sure the newbie gets enough food and water, and has no injuries.

Good luck,
Shes in a big cage now in the run. Just standing there. She has food and water but doesnt seem interested in it right now but she has pecked at the water melon we gave her. At night now we have a smaller pet carrier to put her in, inside the coop.
Yeah, Im right up 77 from you to the west in N. Ridgeville.

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