Hens not eating?

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    I recently got my three hens about five days ago. I was told that their food should last about 4 days, but they've barely touched it. I have given them one of those blocks of corn and such (called a pecking block I think?) but I can't quite tell how much they've had because it rained which destroyed about half of the block. One of my hens is molting if that would have any contribution to this. Another one of my hens, called Flora, is constantly being picked on but I'd blame it on the pecking order. Sometimes when Flora goes in the coop (possibly for food) if there is another girl in there she'll peck at her and make her leave. My hens are Golden Comets as well. If anyone knows why they seem to not be eating and/or how to get them to eat more, please let me know.
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    Hi and welcome to BYC :frow Your girls should be eating about 4.5 oz each per day. Again welcome and we are so glad you joined us:ya
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    Hello and welcome!
    If a dominant hen is holding the food dish hostage, you can add additional feeders (spread out throughout the coop and/or run) so the other girls can get to the food too. Also, I think you should limit the flocks access to that "pecking block." Grain blocks, scratch grains etc. are treats not a substitute for a complete diet commercial feed. If your girls have access to the treat block all day, they may decide to only eat that and ignore their more nutritious other feed—like little kids filling up on junk food and not wanting to eat dinner ;) Hope this helps! And thanks for joining us :)
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