Here are two of Asher's beautys I hatched out :D

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11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
The hen:


Here is my lil sweet roo

OMG!!!! They are beautiful! I had a little 10 week old named Petunia that I had brought home when she was 2 days old. I loved Petunia dearly. A raccoon got her, and I've been scared to death to have more babies since. A lady scientist gave me a bunch of adult hens and a roo of mixed breeds. Great layers, but not so pretty. I think this Spring I'll try again. I want some more little cochin bantams so badly-they're too cute!
Thanks everyone
I am just in love with this breed and if anything happened to them I would be so depressed. Yak so sorry for your loss
These guys still have a little growing to do but should be getting eggs soon if you want any let me know. I did have one of the hens laying for about a month and then she quit for some reason. I hear they do that so I wait patiently. I don't really care if they ever lay...I just have to have them
I just hatched out three more babies from a different breeder to add to the crew later. Now I have three different lines to work with
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