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Nov 15, 2012
Raleigh, North Carolina
Hi fellow chicken people. I'm brand new here and brand new at raising chickens too. Hubby and I were blessed with 3 baby chicks last Wednesday, and by blessed I mean we bought 'em:) We have 1 Ameraucana-Mavis, 1 Sussex-Jessie, and 1 White Jersey Giant-Cordie. They are all 3 pullets, we think. They are adorable, as most not quite 2 week old chicks are. We'll learn as we go I'm sure, but I have read a great book on raising chickens, Chickens in Your Backyard, by Rick and Gail Luttmann, and of course lots of great stuff on here too:D We live in Raleigh, NC. Cheers, and happy chicken raising-that sounds lame-there must be a better phrase for that;)
from California!
Hi and :welcome

Good luck with your chickens! I agree with you, they are at one of their best stages at that age... :lau

I hope you find any info you need here, and enjoy the site! :D
Happy chicken raising to you too.

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