Hi From Baltimore City (Md) Chicken Obsessive Newb!


11 Years
Oct 29, 2012
Hello Cyber space- er Backyard chickenites!
My name is Seth, Im a novice chicken keeper in baltimore city. I am chicken obsessive I guess, I have been reading about chickens and plotting to have chickens for YEARS. Infact most of my friends are tired of having to hear me talking about chickens.

I moved to balt. City 6 months ago and moved in with my Companion Tom. One day Tom said the immortal words "Seth- how would you feel about getting chickens" and lit the fuse. Less then a month later we had built up a chicken coop out of disgaurded pallets and reused materials for less then $15!

One painfully early morning at 7am I packed his van with his two eldest kids and shoved im into the passanger seat to make the 1.5 hour ride to a local* poultry swap so we could be one of the first people there. (We didnt manage to get there early at all... My navigator fell asleep and we got a bit lost- Next time GpS not "Tom Tom'.) We purcased four chickens two adult two started pullets only eight weeks old. A black Orprington "Boo"
A Blue laced Red Wydotte (Sue) A beautiful standard Cochin (Atillia) and a Mixed "easter egger" type (Thai.)

Its been a brilliant ride, I have helped to change the perspective not only of chickens but of "meat" animals in general in my area. Showing that they have personalitys and temperments that vary not just breed from breed but with individual animals. I dont have a closed flock- The neigbors always come by and peak over my fence to watch my chickens. The kids around here really love being able to see them.

Sadly Thai, basicly a house chicken and the most loved of my tiny flock suffered from failure to thrive and passed away despite special treatment and care. This winter I am thinking to start Silkie chicks to take in the slot of "House chicken" in my childerns hearts though we can never replace Thai.
Hi, Welcome to BYC.....glad u joined



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