Hi from the UK - New to BYC but 4 years of keeping chickens.


7 Years
May 27, 2012
Love BYC and hearing all about hen antics. The pictures are brilliant!

I currently have 6 bantams (2 Buff Rocks, 2 Black Orpington and 2 Light Sussex bantams) and I LF Light Sussex who's the boss, of course, and knicknamed "Big Mamma" because of her copious fluffy knickers and ample hips.

I am going through new 'introductions' and luckily no nasty fights have broken out - just the occasional peck and chasing round the garden.

I live in a rural part of England surrounded by sheep farmers and love keeping chickens - they all have different characters and fascinate me endlessly.
Hello and welcome to BYC!
Hello and :welcome

Sounds like you're going to fit in, many folks feel the same way about their chickens. :p
Funny name for your light sussex... lol :lol:

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D
Thank you all for your welcome to BYC. I shall no doubt be posting chicken questions, queries from time to time.

I house my chickens in the newish 'Omlet' eglucube designed by 3 graduate engineers in the UK. Because it is made of mouded plastic it makes cleaning a lot easier and practically eliminates the dreaded red mite, although I am never complacent about that pest.

The next thing for me to look out for is broodiness and I have a 'sin bin' on standby for that purpose. It is a dog crate raised up on bricks in a shady part of the garden where my broody hens are confined (with food and water) for up to 3 days and nights to break the broody cycle. It never fails to work!

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