Hiding hens


Nov 17, 2020
I have 2 hens that have been hiding in a dark corner together the last 3 days and not interested in coming out. No eggs under them and they get upset if I try to move them. I’m getting pretty concerned about them.
We have 12 hens and 2 roosters. All at 9 months old.
Around the same time this began one other hen did hatch some chicks. The Mama is currently in a separate area of the coup with her chicks.
The 2 hens I’m worried about are hiding in a small 1’ x 3’ area behind the separates area as Mama and chicks. They can’t see them but might be able to hear them.
We have had an issue with a predator almost 2 months ago which did get a handful of chickens but we have not had any issues since.
We have one older dog around that they have never minded before. The chickens and dog all live peacefully together and the dog is mostly indoors.
As for upset mood, when I go to touch or see if I can grab one of the hens they make a growling noise at me and burrow deeper in the corner so I’ve left them alone. They are typically very friendly and let even our kids pet, occasionally hold, and feed from their hands. I have food and water near them but have not observed them eat or drink.

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