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Oct 27, 2020
To answer some of the sample questions,
1. I am not new to chickens, I'm live with my family, I've been taking care of them for over a year. (I'm the only one interested in animals besides my dad and mom, none of my brothers are).
2. I have a lot maybe too many to count. We have chicks that are days old to a few months old to fully grown chickens. I also have ducks, turkeys, quails, and one dog.
3. I have bantams and the normal chickens (I don't know what they're called but where I live there the most common ones).
4. My favorite thing about raising chickens is watching them grow and become cute but big chickens. I also love taking care of them.
5. My other hobbies are watching Netflix, listening to music, im learning korean and french right now, crocheting/knitting, and learning the ukulele.
6. I have 4 brothers and no sisters, I have a bunch of other pets and I really wanna get geese, maybe two.

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