Hiragana Comic Book or Manga


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Jul 5, 2007
Sevier County, TN
My daughter is taking Japanese lessons at a local college. Her goal is to be able to read Manga in the original language. She told me that she would like to practice while still taking the class to that she can ask questions of her professor. She's just a beginner, though, and wants to practice in Hiragana before she tries Katakana.

If anyone has a book written in Japanese that they are willing to sell, please let me know what you want for it, including shipping.
Her last class is April 30th, so she'd like to find a book as soon as possible.
It doesn't have to be a comic book or Manga, she was just hoping to find something like that.

So far the local Japanese markets have only had food....

If I can find one through ya'll she will be so amazed. "Your chicken friends found me a book???"
That would be cool

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