Holes In Bator Please Help


13 Years
Apr 15, 2008
Dunlap Illinois
I don't know about comercial incubators as mine is home made - but - you probably want the holes open for incubation and some of them closed for lock down. Too much air flow will make it very hard to keep the humidity where it needs to be.


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8 Years
Feb 24, 2011
Columbia MO
ok i have a still air bator... what should the temp be on? i was told around 102 but what humidity? i have been told about 10 different ones and i m TOTOALLY confused! i am just starting and the first set of eggs i am gunna try are just outta my coop just a bunch of mixes so i am not worried about getting them all to hatch the first time i know they are fertile but i want at least a few to make it
any tips of suggestions would be great! I dont think my temp thing is working right where should iget a new one? wal mart lowes home depot and sams are really the only thing that is close? Thanks

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