Hope this helps someone! green snot remedy?

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    Recently I bought 6 silkie chicks. I get them home & find 3 are sick. By morning 2 were gone. Leaving me 4 chicks. By that afternoon I saw the one chick blowing green snot bubbles out her nose. She was very lethargic, & only drinking. She's now 7 weeks old and outside with the flock
    Now a week and a half ago I got 3 polish chicks. They also had green snot bubble coming out their noses. They now are all better.
    So here is what I did for them. 1. I got them sun bulbs. Instead of a regular light bulb I used a bulb that put off uv rays for growing plants. 2. Every morning I mixed into a pint size mason jar fresh water with 1 tablespoon Duramycin & 1/4 teaspoon of save a chick electrolytes. 3. On warm days when the outdoor temp. was at least 90 I put them outside for a few hours with their water.
    ALL my chicks are well & running around like the lil bosses they are! I hope this helps someone!;)
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    Thanks good information to have.
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    I'm glad your chicks are doing well. Hopefully there wont be any future internal problems with the overdosing of duramycin.

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