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    I know this is a bit off of a chicken topic, but I needed some help and all of you are so knowledgeable about things, so I thought I'd give it a shot. [​IMG]

    We have an extraordinary hornet problem in the eaves and under the roof of our house. I have been killing at least 2 bees a day in the house, so I don't think there is a big nest with access to the house yet, but the activity outside of the house is unreal. I feel like I can't even open windows without them getting in through small cracks. (Older house we bought in '06.) We didn't seem to have this problem last year. Short of calling in the exterminator which would cost $250, what can we do to take care of them? I have a toddler and I am afraid of what will happen if he finds more than one outside or in the house. We did spray the nest and activity area, but wondered if there was a commercial dust or spray that would leave a residue like the exterminators use.

    Sorry this is so long. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    I noticed, today, that they were super active with the warm up. You're probably noticing the same thing. Lots of nests are getting built, whether they'll get occupied or not.

    I have an energetic 2YO and I would be stunned if he could actually catch one. Those big, lazy, bumble bees, on the other hand, are catchable as I have never forgotten how proud I was of this exact achievement about 35 years ago... and then my anguish when it stung me. I've never known any of bees, hornets, or wasps to be aggressive this far north except for yellow jackets, but mostly only because they are usually stumbled upon.

    As far as sprays are concerned, the only things I've found effective smell like a nasty aromatic hydrocarbon that lingers for days. I've actually lost bushes when removing nests of the aggressive guys next to the front door. This is a last resort with a little girl in the house.
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    I personally don't like chemicals because they also kill the non-aggressive pollenating bees and are harmful to pets/kids.

    A lot of people call different stinging-type insects different things. If your problem is with the little hard shell yellow and black ones that are really mean, try putting a trap in the area. I use one of the cone shaped liquid baited traps, and they flock to it. Once they're in, they dehydrate and die. It doesn't work for all breeds though- it will catch the ones who like to land on your pop cans and also pick at dead animals. It's really satistfying to dump out dozens of the little suckers!

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