horse got into bag of moldy feed


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Feb 7, 2011
HELP!!! My dd left tac room open by accident horse got int here and knocked over a feed bag I was inteneding on dumping today cause it was molded. Called vet said just have to wait and see. Any one hoave thoughts or can i just ask for prayers

Hoping the best for your horse.
Did your horse eat the whole bag?

My mare and my sisters mare got out and ate about 50 lbs of sweet feed and 25 lbs of mare & foal pellets and about 2-3 cups of colt grow. We had the vet come right away, she suctioned their stomachs (nothing in there) and then gave them oil to help pass everything. She then came the next day to give charcoal. It was worth it to us to know that they had received top care.

Was the feet pellet or grain?

We switched to pellet feed right after that b/c there is a lower chance of colic if they eat too much of it.

I hope your horse ends up being ok.
not sure how much she ate not much by looking at bag the big molded piece looked nibbled on but not much of bag looked messed with. Dont think she ate much BUT not sure how much is to much how much she can tolerate. Right now she seems ok dd just took her for a ride UGGGHH
The feed we feed is a sweet molasses not the dry pellats
I would have the vet out right away.

It doesn't sound like you can tell how much she ate of it, and to boot it was moldy. Double red flag. I would not wait.
I wouldn't be ridding or stressing her out in any way till you are sure shes not going to get sick and colic. a handful to one horse with a stomach of iron may be nothing. a handful to a sensitive horse not so good. I would just you rather not find out the hard way. make sure from now on all feed is clean and sound. perhaps put a elastic on the door so it shuts on its own like a screen door. make it far harder for the horse to get in.
It also depends on the mold. Some you can eat a bunch and have a mild stomach ache. Some is deadly with a handful. You don't know unless it's tested and identified which it doesn't sound like this vet is interested or capable of doing anything like that. I also thought charcoal might be appropriate but I've never dealt with it. With no veterinary help I would probably try to get in as much fiber and as little carbs and sugar as possible to keep the digestive tract moving without upsetting it more. Really good hay or beet pulp, no concentrates like pellets (except pure beet pulp pellets) or grain, and minimal to no grass.
Please do not feed the horse anything.

No beet pulp or pellets, no concentrates, nothing, no hay. You do not want to put anything in on top of whatever is going on in there. That is only going to make it worse.

If you have a tiny bit of grass, nothing long, thick, lush, just a little bit of grass to pick at, but don't allow too much.

Walk the horse. Keep it up and keep it walking.

Give banamine if you have it - call the vet. Ask the vet for further 'til I get there' instructions.
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That's what I was going to say to the TEE, do this then call the Vet tomorrow, you don't need to waste $$ on a vet until any syptoms show up, he will tell you that anyway. Walking him is important now so he doesn't colic or founder, here is the thing !!! If you cannot walk him well into the night get help, if you walk off or get lazy and he lay's down then you got bigger fish to fry. Go get some bodies to help you if you want to save him, my suggestion would be whomever left the tack room door open should do most of the walking and less whining.


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