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Sep 29, 2011
Sugarloaf Mt.Clermont, Florida
Show us some updated photos as you make progress. He sure is a great looking boy. Some quarters are very smooth. I know some of the lines have shuffle footed horses.:)

I had to switch to gaited after a car accident( got T-Boned). Couldn't work or ride for 7 years. After physical therapy 5 days a week then 3, I got the kinks out of my neck. (So to speak) Was told I would never ride again. I cannot take the beating of a rough trot or lope/canter. But I can ride a smooth gaited horse all day. And yes some gaited horses are smoother than others. I have been blessed to have and ride some of the smoothest out there. In my breeding program smoothness and temperment are what I breed for. Temperment is number one. If it doesn't have good temperment and smooth gait it is culled from my program. Stallions are gelded and I have put down a mare for temperment so she would not be bred. I turned down a lot of money for her, but she did not fit the breed standard. One of the stallions the farm had was an International Champion, we gelded him, that fixed the problem. He had a hormone imbalance. He is now a fantastic trail horse. Some people still call me crazy for gelding him and throwing away thousands of dollars in stud fees. But I can sleep at night knowing that his has no offspring carrying on the problem. Same for the mare I put down.


Ride the Glide.....Got Gait.....I Do.....


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Sep 20, 2012
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I'm a horse person too:) new to chickens...,.SO not new to horses!
Currently, my two daughters and I have:

Finnegan's Wake (aka Finn) - an 18 year old black/bay OTTB, trained up to 3rd level dressage, ex-showjumper, but has mostly been a 4-H show horse for the past couple of years.
Aces & Eights (Ace) - a 6 year old bay tobiano pinto grade gelding...probably a Paint, but we have no papers, so he's grade:) very green still, but has the makings of a fantastic trail horse.
Dante - 6 year old bay OTTB - We just got him this summer to see hwo he does for me. I want him to be my new dressage horse and jumper.
Tempest - an auction pony we rescued from the local livestock auction, she appears to be some sort of light riding pony, looks like a miniature Thoroughbred. Vet says she's 8 years old, and now that she's put on over 100 lbs, she's looking pretty good. She is my 10 year old daughters new 4-H horse, and is coming along very nicely.
Zip Meup Fella (aka Vegas) - an 8 year old AQHA chestnut mare, has been a broodmare her whole life due to a shoulder injury after her halter showing years. She's a daughter of Mr Yella Fella, and has extremely good halter lines, but I think she might make a nice western pleasure horse too now that her shoulder has healed, So, she's my winter project, getting her started under saddle.
Pippin - 3 year old grey mini gelding. He's my older daughter's horse, and her winter project is teaching him to drive.

I also teach English riding in our 4-H club, and am starting to learn about competitive trail riding. mostly I just love to try out new things with my horses!


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Oct 13, 2012
<----Horse person! I have 2 OTTBs. Roo, the 24 year old demon spawn that is like my first child since I've had him for 18 years, and Belle, the 12 year old pain in my tukas that I've had for far too long as she's a rescue and was only meant to stay with me long enough to put enough weight and training on to sell her as a productive member of equine society.

Here they are harassing me tonight as I was trying (keyword *trying*) to unload my bounty from the trip to the feed store:

Individually, they are (and please excuse the older pics...we've moved and I no longer have a photographer other than me!)...


And Belle:



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Everybody has such pretty ponies! (sorry thats what I call all horses, out of habbit) I have an appendix... not the body part, well that too! She is a flea-bitten gray and stands 16 hands! She is really fluffy right now because she's getting her winter coat! I will try to get pictures up, I might not have the capacity to do that though... I'm an e-tard!


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Wow! That's old!
I had a couple arabians when I was tiny. Mine is a quarter mixed with a thorough bred. (hence the size)

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