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Jul 24, 2016
I have 5 ducks, 3 males and 2 females. Sexing doesn't always work. Anyway, I have a mallard male and female, a black straight run male, a straight run male, and a crested female.

The mallard female takes the brunt of mating. She's missing hair on the back of her neck. I know I need more females but when can I add them and should they be a certain size first?

Also, both females layer an egg for the first time last weekend - or one of them layer 2. Since day 2 of laying, I only get one egg each day now. Why would one stop and the other keep producing? How do I get them both to lay?



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Straight run is actually not a breed - it means the ducklings weren't sexed and are being sold luck of the draw as to what gender they are.

You should add females ASAP as it sounds like your one particular female is already starting to get beat up. This is especially important because you have a crested female - the crest is actually caused by a gap in the skull. If the males get too rough on her when they're mating and grab her crest for balance and pull too hard, it's a recipe for causing neurological issues.

It would be best to buy and add mature, already laying hens.


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I would separate the males from the females - your girl has already had too much male attention and she needs to have a break.

Watch closely, sometimes frustrated males will mount each other. You may need to swap things around a bit till you can get a better setup.

It is not easy, and yet their lives depend on your help. These things don't last forever, you will sort it out. But for right now, protect your flock members.

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