Hot2Pot Crazy Weekend Auction #2 Multi breed, BA, BB, SS,EE, all large fowl


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Auction A . Black Australorps . Good layers of brown eggs, hardy, great dual purpose large fowl. Wonderful temperaments, I do not keep bad tempered roosters. Their feathers shine beetle green in the sun, so pretty!
Auction B. Buff Brahmas . Reliable layers of brown eggs, this large fowl breed is so attractive with their dark markings contrasting the gold body color! Fluffy feet, and sweet tempered, these birds make great pets!
Auction C . Speckled Sussex, large fowl. These striking birds catch everyones eye here on the farm. I have made pets out of them, they follow me all over the place looking for goodies Great brown egg layers, and just plain eye candy!
Auction D. Easter Eggers x Ameraucana or EE rooster. These girls lay pastel blue or mint green eggs, just a joy to see them in your egg basket each day. Most of these hens are a pretty wheat color, but there are a few darker ones. Sweet girls!
With my crazy auctions, you buy as many eggs as you want, as long as the hens lay them, though it must be at least 6. Price is per egg, increments of $0.25. I do include extras as available in case of breakage. , EEShipping is $14. I wrap each egg in bubble wrap and pack carefully but cannot guarantee hatch rate on shipped eggs. I do combine shipping on multiple auctions. Auction ends Monday night at 10 PM. Please bid on this thread, do not PM. Oh, and did I mention I am including at least one mystery egg with each auction purchase?
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Go to the tool bar on top and click on My Profile. Then scroll down to see your picture album, and click and paste as usual. If I can do it, you can do it.
I have one pair of SS and they are my faves. I wish I could bid on this but it is just gets way too cold to chance a shipment at this time. <sigh>

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