Housing Coturnix Quail near waterfowl


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
I know you shouldn't house Coturnix quail near chickens. But I have looked through the many pages and tried searching about housing them near ducks/geese. They are not going to be in the same pen as the ducks and geese, just their hutch will be leaning against the side of the duck/goose coop. Or is this also a no no? I just want the health of all my critters. I have the chickens and ducks/geese separated for health reasons and simply that the ducks/geese just make too much of a wet mess! I also have some ducklings brooding in my brooder room, so the coturnix chicks will be brooded near, but not in the same brooder and the ducklings. I have the brooders set up across the room from each other, but it is a very small room. If they shouldn't be housed near each other, should I place the quail hutch near my house then? I am also looking for a little safety, I have had a problem with hawks, eagles, and owls lately. I figured if they were near the duck/goose coop, kind of under the overhang, they would less likely be seen. Any help would be appreciated, and thanks!


9 Years
Apr 1, 2010
British Columbia, Canada
I think it's a pretty good idea to keep all your bird species fairly separate from one another - a lot of diseases and pathogens that are non-pathogenic to one type can be quite pathogenic to the other. I think as long as they are outside of the run wherer the geese walk so they aren't in close proximity or have access to the droppings from under the cage theyu should be okay, but farther is better just to be safest. It's likely that most people cross-contaminate when they go from one unit to the other anyway. Good practice to wash your hands and boots before going into different setups if you're worried about disease spread.

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