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  1. mumofsix

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    Feb 21, 2014
    I robbed My Honey Bees Saturday ;about Tuesday will press and bottle it. Contracted 3 load of Firewood already got 2 loads stacked.That worry out of the way.Monday going to pick up Apples to make Apple Butter. Cleaned out Freezer this Morning .Piggy is going to have a new spot. Our Sav-more has Libbys Brand Corn ,Peas and Green Beans on sale today only for 28 cents a can . So I'm going to make the 75 mile trip today to get a load .The Sun is Shining and I can take the truck and enjoy the Flowers. I want to be ready for Winter before it shows any big sign . Everyone enjoy this Weather.
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    Jun 18, 2010
    Southern Oregon
    Honey and a friend worked on the woodpile yesterday. My pasture has been taken over by massive rounds of an old oak that have been setting there for a few years--I'm so happy they're getting processed! Plus, firewood, always makes one feel secure.
    Harvesting the garden and freezing/canning/dehydrating. Tomatoes are just now really coming on here, it was a damp spring. So, Sept will be my busy month, looks like.
    Cockerels aren't large enough to butcher for another few months.
    I'll be putting an add on CL for pullets/hens I don't want to overwinter next week.
    Just bought 4 weaner pigs, they'll be ready to butcher late November/early December. Got to get the freezers cleaned out before then.
    Waiting for the Grange to put pine shavings on sale to stock up, winter = mud here, so shavings are a good thing to stock.
    Next weekend we'll clear the paddock of last year's manure pile, take it to the garden area and sometime after that bring in a load of decomposed granite for the paddock.

    Enjoy your drive!

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