How Busy Are You This Spring/Summer?

How many animals are you getting this year?

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Mar 18, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Hello everybody! I just wanted to ask a random question, so I think I'm in the right category here. :D

How busy are you this year? Any new additions to your flock/herd? :D

I am really exited to be getting day olds again. Isn't it so much fun to have little fluff balls running around at top speed? :) I haven't completely decided yet, but I am hoping to have 80-100 chickens this year. I already ordered 50 of them, (5 being silkies!) and once my brooders are empty in around 6 weeks I'll be ordering 30-50 broilers.

I ordered:
25 Barred Plymouth Rock Pullets,
20 Buff Orpintons, straight run,
and 5 Silkies.
I'm almost hoping there are lots of roosters included with the BO's so I can buy 25 Cuckoo Marans. We'll see. :D

Also, we are planning to buy a Jersey cow! We haven't quite decided when, but it will be very soon. I love to do research, and we have many friends who own a milk cow who are very willing to help us learn.
I also have a friend who knows how to make cheese, so it'll be fun to learn from them.

I was going to order some Turkeys, but I chickened out. (pun intended. :lau)

My biggest problem is my friend wanted to add 5 Cuckoo Marans to my order, but they're on a huge waiting list. Also, my hatchery won't mix and match things, so I can't buy, say, 20 broilers and 5 Cuckoo Marans. I would have to buy 25 Cuckoo Marans and at least 25 broilers. Now THAT would be too many layers. :D

In the building category, we're working on finishing our 1 cow barn. The framing and sheeting/sheathing is finished, now we need a metal roof and siding. The inside will be finished with good 1 side plywood, and on the first 3 feet above the floor there will be corrugated metal panels so we can clean it easily.

Hope everybody's year is a great one with lots of animals! :jumpy:woot


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Feb 1, 2010
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I ordered 18 juvenile quail from a BYC member. Post office killed 17 out of 18 by delaying the shipment. Shipped on Tuesday, delivered on Saturday. Horrible to see.
But i had quail eggs in the incubator and 20 hatched, despite the fact that they were shipped!
I raised guineas from a hatchery . Bought them mid July. Now the 14 i have left ( 4 were killed by a snake) are mostly males! The four pullets are laying, and i have 10 males! Four i put outside the hoop coop so the hens wouldn't be mobbed. I have one incubator full of guinea eggs and a bunch more saved. Beginning to think i need to build a bator!
Planning for goats but i need to fence and seed pastures and build pens in the barn.
Hope to build a greenhouse this summer as well!
I would also like to raise some turkeys! And i want to breed our German Shepherd once her hips are checked properly.
Looks like i will be busy this year! I am also raising rabbits!


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