1. Bird_Lover_17

    Round Bale or Square Bale?

    Hello people who have animals that eat hay! So, I know technically this should be on Backyard Herds (BYH) , but I do know that there are people here that also have goats/horses/cows/etc. This is your typical round bale (the GIANT ones) and the tiny square bales. So, cast your votes and feel...
  2. TaylorFamFarm4

    New to chickens!

    Hello there! I’m brand new to chickens. We have 26 chicks total and they’re a week old yesterday. We have 12 Red Star Sexlink hens, 5 Whiting True Blue hens (ordered 6 but one died), 8 Whiting True Green hens, and one free cute little gray unidentifiable mystery chick! I’m hoping at least one is...
  3. 4hduckproject

    Should I show cows?

    Next year I'd like to show cows but I don't know much about them. Does anyone have any suggestions of what breed I should get and what class I should enter in? I can't keep them on my property but there are stalls down the road from me that might allow me to keep one or two there. Also, should I...
  4. Kristen D

    What's your favorite milk cow breed?

    Hey everybody! Just wondering what everybody's favorite milk cow breed, and why? Also curious about jersey cow prices in different areas for bred, breeding age, and babies?
  5. BYCforlife

    How Busy Are You This Spring/Summer?

    Hello everybody! I just wanted to ask a random question, so I think I'm in the right category here. :D How busy are you this year? Any new additions to your flock/herd? :D I am really exited to be getting day olds again. Isn't it so much fun to have little fluff balls running around at top...
  6. brettshomestead

    Anyone feeding creep?

    At the feed store I work in alot of customers feed 14% small creep to their chickens and 3 way feed, has anyone on here tried this? Also has anyone tried super scratch? I looks like good stuff.
  7. E


    Hello, I'm Ed with Kentucky Meadows. We are a small farm that raises Rambouillet Sheep, beef cattle, free range chickens, muscovy ducks, and turkeys.
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