How can I tell if my hen is pregnant?


Oct 20, 2008
Your not dumb. My sister asked me the same question. But at the time, I didnt have a rooster, so she asked "how do they get pregnant then?"
Good way to learn about chickens, what they can and cant do ,the myths and facts, and basic chicken care. Chickens are pretty adaptable. They have survived for thousands of years and still manage to survive with or without human intervention.
A hen can lay fertilized eggs for up to two weeks after being covered by a rooster. They can lay double yolk eggs, which is so cool when you crack one open and find one.
Chickens dont "nurse" thier chicks like dogs, cats, or other mammals, but chicks raised by hens are smarter and learn how to find food because thier mother teaches them.
Dont be afraid to ask a question or post something for advice. Its how we all learn.
And to others who read this post, if I am not quite right with some of the info I posted, please let me know.


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Apr 15, 2015
Also what do i do if my chickens milk hasnt come in until later?
Chickens aren't mammals, they don't produce milk or get pregnant, they can lay fertilized eggs. The chicks do not start to form until incubated either under a broody hen or in an incubator and take about 21 days to hatch,
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Lol, sent aart's high beam hen to the hubs with the caption "It's a little chilly love, fetch me a sweater".
My husband of 24 years has blocked me for the day due to his sense of humor being subpar.
Either that or iv'e awakened something I never ment to.
Either way, i'm beyond amused and will be for a while.:lau

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