How contagious is it?

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    Aug 13, 2010
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    I have a pullet that has an upper resperatory infection, and she (until today) was in the same coop as the other chickens, how easy is it for them to catch it (if possable, kind of new to the bio-security/illness thing with chickens because my family always just ignored illness in their poultry) ? I just dont want to have to cull the whole flock and start over again.
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    May 28, 2010
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    I have one that started sneezing and rattling last Thursday. I removed her to isolation right away and began treatment with antibiotics. None of the others have shown symptoms and she has shown improvement. I will continue the antibiotics, according to the directions, for 7 full days or a little longer, then keep her isolated until we can eat her eggs again (if I can figure out how long that is) so as not to mix them with the others.
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    Tomhusker is right on target. I would also isolate the sick hen. I've had one last year that I separated and treated with antibiotics for a cold, and now I've got one right now in the basement "chicken hospital" storage room that's on some meds and vitamins/electrolites in her drinking water.
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    Aug 25, 2009
    I have to ask, because I still do not know, what kind of electrolytes is given to sick/lethargic chickens? We have one with puffy eyes and runny nose in isolation now. Do I just dump Gatorade in her water? Is it a powder mix? Is it from the grocery or health food store? it something from the feed store? We used pedialyte with baby chicks that needed a boost...same stuff? Thanks for the clarification. It is very useful information.

    FYI: The isolated chicken has been to the vet and I am posting on another thread to be sure we are treating her correctly. But maybe electrolytes will help? And vitamins??? What vitamins, where do I get them?

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    Jul 25, 2010
    And then sometimes, I am told, chickens just sneeze and cough! I have a year old Gold Sex link. We bought her last July with 3 other chickens. After having them for a few days, I noticed Red coughing and sneezing. Immediately I was on the web site with what to do with her. After much reading I gave her anitbiotics, garlic and all kinds of stuff. Nothing worked. I finally went to our local chicken expert. He is not a vet, but knows more about poultry than any vet in the area, and even the vets will tell you that! He said "Look, some chickens just cough and sneeze a lot. Just leave her alone." I did. That was in Aug. She is still my best layer, laying HUGE eggs, she still coughs and sneezes a lot, and non of the other chickens have contracted her issues.

    Sometimes chickens cough and sneeze.[​IMG]
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    Quote:Pedialyte is good for electrolytes, for vitamins any children's liquid WITHOUT iron will do fine. The excess iron in vitamins with iron is too much for chickens to assimilate and can become toxic.

    ETA: If you treat with antibiotics, ALL bacteria is killed, including the good bacteria in the gut. It's a good idea to replace those good bacteria by giving the chicken yogurt with live cultures. Besides, chickens LOVE yogurt! [​IMG]
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