how could she have broken her neck???


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i have a lovely 4 month old, or so, polish chick. dd just found her standing in the pen with her head hanging to the side,. i love this little girl and am devastated. how could she have broken her neck? i dont see where she could have gotten her head stuck. she is in with 3 other chicks, a bantam rooster and an old hen. she has no blood on her. i hate to have to end it but see no other way. shes still alive.

keeping chickens is not for the faint of heart. i get so attached.
She may not have broken her neck but she may have water on the brain this happens to crested breeds of chickens it can be caused by a bump on the head b/c the crested breeds have a hole in the head they usually do not make it but either way I'm sorry to here about your lil chick
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Water on the brain can also be called crooked neck and it usually happens in polish and Silkies. These breeds have a domed skull like a hole in their head. This bone structure is a very venerable spot, a stray peck or a knock on the head can damage the thin bony area which causes problems for the brain. They may have a wobbling head which worsens until the head is completely twisted around then they usually die
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wow i didnt know that,ive got a black crested.shes took a few nocks to her head,well shes the smallest,not nomore tho,thankgod,will keep an eye out now incase she does get pecked,xx
I'm trying to find that area you speak of on your website but can't so far.

I saw a youtube video of a chick with wry neck. It doesn't seem the same. My chick seems to ahve her neck broken right beneath the head. That's where she's flopping all around. Her head falls down to the ground, she can't lift it at all in any manner.

I'm trying to keep her comfortable on a squish pillow while I researcch. She's mainly quiet but really doesn't want to just lie there. She just tried to move and the top of her head is right on the floor. She can barely stand now.
I've had a big one jump down off the perch and land on the babies, had a few smashed, or broken necks. Now I won't let the older ones roost with the babies. I thought if they got along, everything would be OK, and then THIS happens... Sorry to hear about this.
It's true. The knob that you see on the top of Silkies and Polish heads is actually their brains protruding through a hole in their skull. There is only a layer of skin protecting it. All it takes is a peck on the top of the head or a fall and it's instant brain damage. Some do recover fully though.
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