How dark are blue marans eggs?

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  1. Kaylas Chickens

    Kaylas Chickens Alabama Legend

    There are some marans pullets for sale here, and before I get them.... How dark of an egg do they usually lay? Should I get 2 just in case?
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  2. oldhenlikesdogs

    oldhenlikesdogs Rolling Down The River

    Jul 16, 2015
    central Wisconsin
    Mine lays the darker egg.

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  3. Kaylas Chickens

    Kaylas Chickens Alabama Legend

    Okay, great! That’s eggactly what I would love to see in my egg basket!
  4. Eggcessive

    Eggcessive Crossing the Road

    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    I have had some hens who laid very dark brown ones similar to OHLD’s that a breeder friend gave me. Those along with the blue ones are favorites of my friends. When I sold eggs at a co-op a couple of years ago, my multicolored eggs always went first. But, I only have about 4 hens that still lay eggs now. Here is a thread to see what hatchery marans may lay, versus the breeder black copper marans, and see the last post for the color chart:
  5. Kaylas Chickens

    Kaylas Chickens Alabama Legend

    Thanks so much!
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  6. The Moonshiner

    The Moonshiner Professional Chicken Tender

    Nov 17, 2016
    I've had some that laid nice dark eggs but others that were no darker then my barred rocks eggs.
    It is all going to be an individual bird or line deal.
    Marans are not created equally.
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  7. Kaylas Chickens

    Kaylas Chickens Alabama Legend

    Thanks! I think I’ll see if I can get 2 of them and if I don’t get a dark egg, I’ll be okay!
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  8. oldhenlikesdogs

    oldhenlikesdogs Rolling Down The River

    Jul 16, 2015
    central Wisconsin
    Mine came from a hatchery and was supposed to be a blue Cochin. Surprise, surprise, she turned out to be a blue Marans. I think it was a nice mistake.
  9. EggSighted4Life

    EggSighted4Life Free Ranging

    This would be my exact thoughts.
    First 18.jpg

    I would get both or neither.. too much risk bringing disease in for me. And if I had intentions of breeding, there are always things that pop which you didn't notice, if you plan to breed... split wing or accidents, plus I think integrating 2 birds is easier that one most the time... if nothing else to spread the pecking around.

    If you have no intent of breeding and egg color is what you are aiming for, I still go with the same answer both or neither. Maybe you can keep the one you like the color and sell off the other... my starting bunch a while back.. Selection is required. I had a Welsummer that laid nicer than most of these. And a first generation olive egger that laid darker than all the Marans that came from that same breeder, but the comb or something else I can't was a give away.
    DSCF1531 - Edited.jpg

    What color egg they hatched from could give you an idea. But what color egg the sire hatched from really has the most impact (he get's it from his mother and passes to daughters)... or in other words... the rooster matters... and one of my FBCM crossed to sex links hens put out offspring the females laid Marans colored eggs.

    I do like Marans a lot, and the blue's are beautiful. I'm currently getting around 5 on this scale, sometimes 4...
    Good luck, with your decision! :pop

    Beautiful eggs old hen. :love
  10. Fishkeeper

    Fishkeeper Songster

    Oct 30, 2017
    Also, the eggs get lighter as the hens age. They seem to run out of 'ink'.
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