How Do I Get Them To Roost


9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
How do I get my chickens to use the roost? They all huddle in the corner, I was thinking of hanging a light over the roost to see if it would draw them to it. They try to roost on everything except at night? what are they thinking????
8 are 2 months and the other 9 are 6 weeks. (Rhode Island Reds/Golden Comets)
I have 3 six m onth olds who all cuddle up together in a nesting box. All three of them. Two squashed head to tail on the bottom, and the other one on top. Will not roost unless I shut them out of the nesting boxes.
I have 11 week olds that have been in with my 1 year olds. When we made the younger ones a roost couple weeks ago, I picked one up and set her on it, the rest followed. Then that night they were all up there sleeping with the older ones.
3 of my 4 ISA browns will sleep on there roost. not sure why the 4th wont get up there with them. maybe they wont let her of she just doesn't want to. she sleeps on top of the nest box's.
A few of mine have finally began to roost! They have been in the coop for a few days now and are about 2 months old. I have not seen all of them roost, maybe they do when I am not looking?!
Right at dusk, grab them and put them on the roost for a few nights. It only took two times and my young pullets figured it out.

They are kinda like kids. they need to be shown what to do sometimes.

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