How do I help my brother with the death of his duck?


Aug 26, 2019
I had to cull one of our Drakes because we had way too many. The drake in question was very mean and rough with all the other ducks and chickens. I tried to sell him but nobody wanted him so I had to cull him. My brother is very upset about this. He's been crying and I feel awful. I did tell him I was going to do it and he said it was ok but he's still upset. Anyone have any advice on how to make him feel better?


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Jan 21, 2018
North Notts, UK
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Hell be fine in a couple of days. Its only human to show emotion and care. Its never easy making that final decision but if its in the best interests of your flock then it was necessary. Remind him that all the others you have also need love, care and attention and to busy himself with them. He understands you did it for the right reasons and you did all you could to try and rehome him first. Sadly it's always difficult to rehome drakes and cockerals.

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