How do I introduce a rooster to a flock of 17 chickens and a rooster


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Oct 21, 2013
I am getting a new rooster in about a week and I am wondering how I go about introducing a new rooster. I have a rooster already about a year and a half old. I think two of my four month old chicks may also be a rooster. Any help is good help
Okay, so you already have one rooster that is established as the leader, with 2 younger suspects waiting in the wings. Now you're getting yet another rooster to introduce to your flock. First off, you need to isolate that new rooster completely from the rest of your flock for two reasons: possible introduction of disease/illness, and horrible fights between the roos.

Cordone the new one off so that he can see the rest of the flock/roo, but they can't get to him and he can't get to them. You should probably do this for at least 2-3 weeks, if not longer. When you do turn the new rooster loose do so with supervision at all could get real bloody, and you don't want that.
First of all, you are attempting something that is pretty difficult to do, maybe impossible. Introducing a rooster to a flock led by an established rooster is dicey at best, definitely not the same as introducing a new hen to a flock. My two main roosters won't even share and get along and they were together in the same flock until the son grew up as large as his father, but now, they'd fight to the death over their respective hens. He went into the flock as a young cockerel, with me hoping that his father would allow him to stay, but it just did not work out. I've tried this before with other roosters, sneaking in a young son and hoping that would work out, but no luck so far, had to mop up blood and give up eventually. Bringing in a completely strange rooster to one who is possessive of his hens and may treat the new one as any other predator may be a sticky situation.

Even doing as the previous poster suggested may not work. Some roosters will just never allow some interloper in with their hens. If you decide to do this anyway, quarantine this new one for at least 4-6 weeks AWAY from your flock, not close by. Best of luck to you!
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