How do newly hatched Keets act?

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  1. I hope y'all will bear with me. I'm watching two beautiful little keets get stronger and stronger, when I thought they wouldn't make it an hour out of the shell.

    So....could you please describe "normal" behavior in healthy keets you have hatched? And, what do healthy keets do one hour, two hours, etc, after hatching?

    With my little "challenged" keets, at two hours old, I am seeing some resting, some peeping, and suddenly, now that they are starting to dry out, a lot of "running" with their little legs in the air. Some attempts to stand up. Spreading of wings. Then resting again.

    Also - they just now opened their eyes, two hours after hatching.

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    Hey, I've been following your other thread. I'm no expert and as a matter of fact, I'm on week two of my own first guinea hatch. However, I have several chicken hatches under my belt and was just about where you are now about 8 months ago. My first hatch was only about 40%, and the chicks just looked wet, wobbly, nasty and weak when they first hatched. Not like the cute, fuzzy, wide open day olds I had seen at the feed store and expected. But they dried up, got their legs under them and did just fine. I think they're all like that when they first hatch. Give them time to "get right". After all, they were just cramped up in a little ball for 3 weeks. lol. I think there are some great members here that will help you alot. My next hatch and subsequent hatches were all around 80%. I think everyone had problems with their first. I think this next one will be much better for you. I have a fan and turner in my LG and it gives me a good peace of mind, and also increased my hatch rate. It may help you too. The best advice I've received on here about hatches is to be very patient. Good luck with your hatches.
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    It seems to be an individual thing. Some really struggle to hatch and look so pathetic I just cover the incubator and walk away, they shake and look so painful. Others just seem to hop out of the shell and do fine. After a while they usually do great. By now you should be seeing them run around and peck everything to see if it's food.

    Hope they're doing great.
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    Quote:I can't really break normal behavior down into hour by hour progress, but in general all my newly hatched keets roll around clumsy and uncoordinated, making some pretty pitiful peeps in the hatcher for a few hours after hatching before they figure out how roll over and get up on their feet and move around. Usually after that they start trucking all over the hatcher and peeping in a happier tone. There are lots of random naps in between, and if it's dark they are usually quiet and sleeping. About the time they are completely fluffed and dried (usually around 6-8 hours after hatching) they are actively running around pecking at the brooder floor looking for something to eat.

    Mine usually hatch with their eyes open, at least the ones that I've sat and watched hatch.
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    Hi I need some help please. This is my first guinea hatch. I helped one out of the shell. I know bad thing, but he was strugling for about 15 hours. Now he/she cant stand up to eat or drink. Ive given him some electrolight via a dropper. Any ideas on what to do. Please help.


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    15 hrs AFTER it's designated hatch date/time? If it was before...UGH. Sometimes keets take 48 hrs from pip to hatch and they do fine.

    Make sure it's warm enough, and it needs water with poultry vitamins in it and a LOT of protein; scrambled eggs with game bird or turkey starter feed sprinkled on top. You can also add 1-2 TBS of unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar w/the Mother.. 1-2 TBS per 1 gallon of water. But that's just about the best you can do for weak keets. Some say to give them a drink of sugar water every 30 mins, but I have never done that. Hopefully it's pecking at feed already, but make sure it's drinking (quickly dip it's beak in the water and make sure you see it swallow a few times).

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