How do you explain the "chicken poo" when people come to your door??


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
Northern Indiana
My chickens free range after 1:30 in the afternoon, and I keep my supply of mealworms growing in the breezeway, along with the cat food for my outside cat--these two things are my chickens favorite snacks!! And in no way will be moved (the cat anyway).

Anyway, how do you explain the chicken poo everywhere when company or even postal delivery or UPS people show up to deliver?!!? On the sidewalk in the front of the house, all over the driveway, in the breezeway, it just goes on and on.....I can't keep them away from the door and pathway that we use... It's soooo embarrassing at times, but even more so aggravating.
They even like to sit on the steps in front of the main doorway (which leads to poo inevitably). Really, they have sooooo much space to roam and their favorite spot is the main door!

I almost want to post a sign...."Watch your step--beware of chicken poo!!"

So how do you explain it?? Or even better, keep them away? I won't fence them but I'm seriously considering a water gun for the breezeway!!
love it! We have 38 that free range so theres lots of chickie poo EVERYWHERE and they love to hang out on our back porch (cat bowl back there).

I almost want to post a sign...."Watch your step--beware of chicken poo!!"

Now that is a great idea! I think I'll have honey make us a sign to put out
My girls only get the backyard. The front yard is fenced and the dogs poo there (although my DH built a second enclosure to put them in, they want to hang out with us and it's easier to put them out front!)

However my backyard has poo EVERYWHERE, and I have a BIG backyard. I've been wanting badly to have a cookout and invite friends over but there's nowhere that there isn't poo. (Although, with frequent enough rains, the chicken poo breaks down faster).

AND then I gotta do battle with the toddler to get her to put on shoes to go out, and to TAKE THEM OFF to come in.

Other than that, the poo should bother me more, I suppose...but it doesn't!
Company ought to know you well enough for it not to matter; postal workers/UPS guys have seen far, far worse; and you want Jehovah's witnesses/traveling salesmen/scammers/crooks to think twice before coming all the way to the door anyhow
The chickens are supposed to stay in the backyard, and off of the deck. (Not sayin that they always do though, lol)

Non-family always come in the front, so it's a non-issue for us.
Put up the sign...

Next person who looks at you funny, just stare at them and say something odd...

choices include
Chicken Poop? Oh no, that's my pet mouse Daisy, she just had babies.. you didnt step on them
Everybody poops. Dont you poop? you should get that checked out.
Would you like some poop? You can put it on the wifes flowers...
I'm not trying to minimize your problem(because you said it embarrased you), but why do you have to explain anything-it's your home.
I feel your pain totally. I free range mine as well and they have taken up residency in the garage and hang out during the day on the driveway, sidewalk, on pation furniture, wherever they see fit. The lawn tractor is another favorite spot until we put a sheet over it. I am truely emberassed about it but then again I am out there darn near everyday hosing everything down so it doesn't get tooo nasty and smelly. I also keep my duck pool in the driveway (easier to clean it out daily). People think I am nuts and I don't care

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