How do you feel about....

I had not heard of this before but it sounds good. I do get so tired of creating passwords for every site and then having to store/remember them. Being able to checkout using only my google password would simplify things quite a bit.
I have used it many times. The first time I used it it was for a garden center in south Ga that has a bad rep. Anyway nothing was ever sent. I emailed them over an over with no response so I emailed Google. Goodle sent me a letter the next day saying they are contacting that company. About a week went by an then I got another email from Google. It said that the company failed to respond to them so they were giving me a refund. I have used them for everything that gives me the option ever scence. Thats something like 4 years now with not one more issue. Its almost 1 click shopping too.

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