how do you go about paying?


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May 16, 2009
Im considering buying eggs but how do i go about paying someone? I know it differs from person to person but any examples?
A lot of people use pay-pal others use money orders or cashier checks. Just ask the people that are selling the eggs how they want to be paid.
Pay pal is the easiest way to go. Open an account w/ pay pal, they are secure, no need to worry about theft. If your account is verified w/ visa or mastercard you can send money just like using a credit card. Options are yours whether funds go echeck,visa, or bank debit/checking account.

If you do decide to go via Paypal be careful of emails received. Paypal IS VERY SECURE but many will try to access your account through fake emails. Not matter how real it looks.....DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN THE EMAIL. Open a new window and go directly to to view your account. The emails WILL come....just be smart and Paypal is the way to go. A few clicks and the eggs are paid for. No M.O. fees and no stamp. But some sellers prefer to use M.O. or cashier checks due to paypal issues and/or fees (to seller, not buyer).

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