How do you like cooking your eggs?

How do you like cooking your eggs?

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Sapphire Sebright

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Jun 22, 2019
Pitiful confusion
Scrambled eggs -- no salt or pepper necessary -- in a bowl with plenty of shredded cheese (the four kind taco mix), salsa or ketchup, and maybe a little chopped ham. All warmed up nice and hot, with a greek yogurt cup on the side and a glass of water. Delicious!


Jul 15, 2019
My husband calls them one eyed Jack's. You take a slice of bread cut a circle in the center, butter both sides toss it on the frying pan then crack an egg in the hole and let fry until it starts to set up then flip the bread to the other side and cook. Then add a slice of cheese and a piece of ham on top and enjoy.
Is that eggs benedict for trailer parks? :D I have lived in several. :D


Mar 19, 2009
My wife makes great Deviled eggs, so I am trying to get her to make a batch for me. She is really busy right now, so I just asked that she put it on her list whenever she has time. I don't want to ask too hard, but I do remind her that I just spent over an hour outside with the snowblower clearing the driveway for her! I'm just not very good at the guilt thing and she just reminds me that I use the driveway too. Yeah, I guess.
You COULD make them yourself. It isn't hard. You can go on the internet, hit google, and ask how to boil eggs and recipes for deviled eggs. I promise if you can read and follow directions you can do it. Just make sure you use eggs that are several days old. If you boil very fresh eggs they are usually very difficult to peel. If I can learn how to kill and process a chicken by using the internet, you can learn how to make deviled eggs.

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