how do you now if your eggs are fertal

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    any help would be thanked[​IMG]

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    Well, first off, they need to be incubated for about four days or so before they can be determined whether or not they're fertile. Once they've been incubated, you can hold a flashlight or "candler" up to the bottom of the egg, and the light shining through it will reveal either a growing baby or nothing. A fertile egg will have a defined dark spot floating around or possibly some veins starting to form, while a non- fertile one will just be kind of hazy around the middle at day four (the haziness being the yolk). Make sure you don't keep them out of the incubator any longer than ten seconds or so, because that might harm the baby inside. :)
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    You can also break open a few eggs and look for a bulls eye. A fertilized egg develops for about 24 hours inside the hen before it is laid when at that time it cools off and goes into stasis. You can go to the first thread at the top of this section and find many pictures to help you distinguish between fertilized eggs and not fertilized egg. I personally had a hard time seeing the difference when I started out--mostly because all my eggs were fertile and needed a non fertile to compare!! BUy some store bought eggs ( nonfertile kind) and open them to look at. THEN crack some of your. YOu didn't mention whether or not you have a rooster--rooster is required. [​IMG]

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