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    calabrate a hydrometer(?) or what ever its called? i just got done incubating and had 5 hatch (only 2 of the shipped ones) and when i opened the eggs and took a pic of the chicks everyone says my humidity was to high. i did calabrate it and at was 6 off but if they were to wet i am thinking i might have miss calabrated it.
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    Quote:If you already calibrated, then you may need another one and/or lower humidity during the first 18 days. If you candle, there are pics in a sticky at top with what the air cell should like through the 18 days. If yours are bigger, lower the humidity so they get to where they are supposed to be. I live in the desert and my air cells during summer hatches with humidity shrunk something terrible (over 1/3)...I took eggs from my broodies that were probably good, because the ones in the bator hatched.
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    most digital hygrometers have a variance of +/- 5%... it doesn't need to be exact, but more a 'ballpark' type idea...

    if your eggs were too wet, then lower the humidity from what it read during incubation and go from there.

    I dry incubate all my eggs (around 20-25% max, tho right now it's about 18%) and then jump it up to 60+ during lockdown. last hatch i kept it closer to 75% because i had to open the hatcher repeatedly to assist a chick that was upside down, and everyone came out just fine.

    i highly recommend trying a dry hatch to see how things go. i've drowned plenty of chicks in the past not knowing that i kept them too wet, but not having the internet 15-20 years ago, i didn't have anyone to tell me differently...

    as for calibrating the hygrometer, if you determined it's about 6 off, then make note of it and go from there. like i said, it's more of a guide than "it has to be this or that". so if it was too wet, cut it back next time. but i wouldn't cut back for lockdown, the NEED the humidity then or they'll stick to the membranes and fail to hatch.
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    What type of hygrometer do you have? The digital or analog? I have tried all kinds and so far the only one I have had that needs no adjustments is the one cmom recomends from They ship fast and don't charge too much for the hygrometer or shipping.

    My experience with the digital hygrometer/thermometer from WalMart is when I calibrate it says it's 5% off but in the incubator it fluctuates pretty bad +/- 10% compared to my analog.

    To calibrate get a ziplock bag, 1 tablespoon of salt, a few drops of water and mix until it looks like spackle. Add a drop or 2 of water until the salt is wet. Put in bag don't let the hygrometer touch the salt mix and read it at 4 hrs, 6 hrs and 8 if it makes you feel better.

    I still use my WalMart for the temp because that seems to work great compared to my glass thermometers. I have some tips on my BYC page which I'm not finished with yet.

    Hope this helps![​IMG]
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    the one i use i think came from walmart as i bowwed it from my parents

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