How far would you go for a $5 Rooster?


7 Years
Dec 25, 2012
Oakhurst Oklahoma
I have been looking for some new DNA for my flock, a splash EE rooster. I had no luck finding one close to me, and made a 5 hour round trip to get this pretty boy. Now for this $5 roo, I spent $60 in fuel, and $6 on toll roads,,, he's about 1 YO
Went about that far to get a welsummer roo.

Drove 9.5 hours to pick up a flock of turkeys because I couldnt find them local.

If it is what you needed and or wanted then the prices and time will all be worth it for the enjoyment you get out of your roo.
We traveled an hour round trip for our chickens because we wanted older pullets, not chicks! If he is worth it to you, then it was worth it! He IS beautiful!
I can hardly wait to see how he handles the ladies, then when the bator is empty!
It was a nice drive into Arkansas, and they are certainly expanding, new roads everywhere! I hope he works out to be a good rooster, only time will tell now.

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