How is it ordering from My Pet Chicken?


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Sep 4, 2013
I'm planning on ordering from them.
Does anyone have prior experience with them and would recommend them?
Well, they dropship from Meyer, and I've have good experiences with Meyer - they're really good about refunding you for dead chicks and I've never had any huge losses. Actually, unless you're after sexed bantams, you might just want to order from Meyer and save a few bucks since you'll be getting the same birds :)
I would so recamend them I have only ever had one loss (like a week or two after it was just failing to thrive) I have gotton 5 polishes, a sulton, a spizts, a buck eye, a cochin, 3 silkies, and a lakenvelder

there hachtery birds (pretty but not perfect) sexing was 100% and striaght run was an even trio (no "foul" play) tempement on everything was super healthy chicks all arived great even after one box got smashed
so yes I so recomend you go for them
Since I'm interested in getting four day old chicks, do you have any recommendations of a place that would ship four instead of just three?
Ya, with a minimum of three you have to order at least three, but you can order as many more as you want. Meyer and My Pet Chicken (which is a middleman and drop ships mostly from Meyer) are the two main places that have such low minimums. If they have what you want, you might as well go directly with Meyer. Ideal actually has a minimum dollar amount of $25, but will place extra male chicks in the box or have you take out insurance. More hatcheries are starting to offer lower numbers of chicks though, so by next years hatching season there maybe more choices available.
I don't know about Meyer, but with My Pet Chicken the minimum order actually depends on your location and how far you are from a major city. Like where I live, about three hours from Sacramento, which is considered my nearest "major" city, my minimum order from MPC is 7. It also depends on whether you are ordering all bantams, all standards or a mixed order. If you go to the web site and enter your zip code you can find out what your miniumum is for your location.
Thanks for your input!

But I was too blind with "My Pet Chicken" to even realize that shipping pricing was very expensive compared to Meyer Hatchery.

I'm regretting... shipping price for MPC: $40
shipping price for MH: $20

*sigh* Now due to my stupidity, I suffered the cost of spending more than I should.

...And $50 that I am never getting back.

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