How long do Silkie Roosters live?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by awarmrainyday, Dec 24, 2014.

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    May 17, 2014
    I was just curious if anyone knows how old they can get. My pet rooster Chester lives inside with us. He showed up malnourished and injured on my front porch almost a year ago now and I nursed him back to health and he lives in a 50 gallon tote in my den and wears a diaper to wander the house. He is blind in one eye and is already pretty old judging by his feet and really long talons. Sometimes his crow is a like a croak. He crows at all hours of the day and night though, sometimes if he hears me laughing or talking a lot. He doesn't do well in temperatures below 68 degrees so he gets his heat lamp turned on every night over his roost in the tote and he seems pretty happy with that, in fact some days when I turn it off he goes on a crowing binge. Other than that he is pretty spunky, he regularly tries to flog my fiancee (and we have no idea why he hates him so much), he flies out of his tote on occasion, and he enjoys taunting the dogs and my rabbit. I'm hoping to keep him around for awhile!
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    IMHO, they live about as long as most other chickens. I have a friend that had one over 10 years old.
    That said, yours sounds like it has had a rough life so likely won't survive anywhere near that long.
    I might also add that many people keep their roosters with their hen flocks that they feed layer feed. Doing so will dramatically shorten a roosters life.
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    x2. It sounds like your guy has had a pretty rough go. He would probably greatly benefit from having a chicken companion. It would likely make it much easier for him to tolerate colder temperatures as well. They would huddle together for warmth.

    I agree that they'll live as long as other breeds (depending on care and the amount stress they're dealing with). One of my hens is around 6 years old, and she still lays eggs regularly and hatches eggs every year.

    Good luck.
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