How long does broodiness last

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  1. I have a Columbian Wyandotte that has gone broody. She has picked a nest dead center in the top of a three level nest station to be broody in. She is not in the way and everyone else is just ignoring her. I take her out of the nest two or three times a day and she just sits there for a while then goes and eats, drinks some water then back to the nest again. This is the third day of this behavior. How long does broodiness last? I really don't want to isolate her but also don't want to have her get sick with frustration.
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    A natural broody cycle can last anywhere from a day to a month. You should try and break her if you are not wanting chicks or don't have fertile eggs. Keep taking her out of the nest, take all eggs out, put a frozen water bottle in or put her in a crate.
  3. My coop has two runs attached. I could put her in the smaller one of those all day tomorrow and see if that helps. I will put food and water and maybe a treat as well. Should I put a couple of other hens in with her or just leave her by herself?
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    My EE goes broody way to much. It's frustrating. I love her beautiful green eggs and I have to do without them so often. What I find that helps break her faster is putting her on the roost at night.
    Good luck
  5. An update on my broody Columbian Wyandotte. I decided to just let it run its course and that seems to be working. I have been taking her out of the nest a couple of times a day to eat and drink water which she does and then goes right back to the nest. Yesterday she came out on her own to free range for a bit. However, this a.m. she came out of the nest on her own to eat and I noticed that one of her wings seemed to be sticking out a little like she had hurt it or something. I quietly picked her up to see what was wrong and the wooden egg from one of the other nests dropped to the ground. The silly thing had stolen a wooden egg from another nest and was carrying it around with her so I would not see it. Clever little things these chickens.

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