How Long In Isolation After Antibiotic?

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    My RIR started displaying signs of illness 4 days ago! I spend an enormous amount of time with my girls so the first symptom I saw, I immediately separated her from the rest of my flock! (Thank Goodness) We inevitably treated her for respiratory disease, giving her Tylan 50 for the past three days. She's now back to her normal "Head Hen In Charge" self with a very occasional cough. My question for you is HOW LONG DO I NEED TO KEEP HER AWAY FROM THE OTHER HENS? (No other girls are displaying and signs or symptoms of illness and I would like to keep it that way! I just feel so terrible for her!)
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    I don't think 3 days is a long enough course of treatment, but its iffy to say since she was not diagnosed with anything treatable via antibiotics to begin with. So, I'll just bump this up for you.
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    Hi [​IMG] Welcome To BYC

    Any idea what illness she may have?

    Without testing to know what you are dealing with, there is no way to answer your question. Almost ALL respiratory illnesses are contagious and make birds carriers for life - even if they are treated and become "symptom free". Exposed birds are generally considered carriers as well.

    Treating with antibiotics helps with secondary infections (complications of respiratory illness) but won't cure the disease.

    It would be wise to have some testing performed to see what she has before re-introducing her to the flock. This will give you information to research what she has to make good sound decisions on your part.
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    I like to treat my whole flock as a precaution. I have had it happen to me time and again that it shows up again. Whatever she had ... I am not sure but I always always do a big round of thorough cleaning of everything and deworm as it does boost their own immune system.... anytime a problem or disease comes up. You probably should not eat the eggs...if she laid any. And for sure if she is coughing I would be careful till she stops that before putting her back with the others.

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